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Awards and Recognition



The Malaysian Achievers Award


The Malaysian Woman Entrepreneur Award




AWARD 2007




Management Team

Y. Bhg. Dato' Abdul Aziz Bin Abu Bakar


(Uptrend International Sdn. Bhd.)

Y. Bhg. Dato' Susie Yeoh

Chief Executive Officer / Director

Mr. Gary Gan


[International Market]

Mr. Peter Wong

Senior Vice-President

[Admin & Operations]

Dr. Ahmad Daud M.D. (A.M)


[Sales & Marketing]

Ms. Junne Tan

Corporate Affairs Manager

Ms. Mardiana Mohd. Yusop

Admin Manager

Ms. Cass Wong

MIS Manager

Ms. Elaine Kum

Business Development Manager

Mr. Mohd Khairulanis

Marketing Manager

Ms. Mindy Wong

Special Projects Manager

Mr. Charles Lim

Logistic / Stockist Manager

Mr. Choo Teck Choon

Financial Controller

Y. Bhg.
Dato' Susie Yeoh - Chief Executive Officer / Director
"In my line of business, I believe that passion is everything. It was passion
that drove me to become the sole distributor of one of Japan's most renowned
hobby product brands, and then to set up a successful enterprise supplying
carpets and renovation material to major office buildings.
It was also passion that moved me to venture into multi-level marketing; a
passion for health, for technology, and above all, for people. Today, I manage a
network of over one hundred thousand people, made up of individuals from all
walks of life that nonetheless share my vision and dreams; to create a better
world through a culture of sharing.

Thus I am living proof that anyone can be successful just by being ourselves,
and being passionate about what we believe in. After all, knowing that I have
made a difference in the lives of my employees and group members is what
motivates me to do the best I can every day. It is my hope that as the business
grows, everyone will have a chance to experience and achieve what I have. And
together, we will build a world of prosperity, peace and friendship by upholding
the philosophy of 'Share and Share Alike'".
Gary Gan - President [International Market]
Throughout my 18-year career in the Network Marketing industry, I’ve been called
many things; leader, guru, high-achiever. But there’s one title that I hold
closest to my heart, and that’s "hard worker". I ventured into the world of MLM
when I was 18 years old, and started from the very bottom of the ladder. With
perseverance, determination and the support of the people around me, I made my
first million in my early 20s, after which I moved up to become the company’s
No. 1 leader. Then, working harder than I’ve ever worked before, I developed a
company from its inception into a nationwide network of over 50 thousand
distributors, an achievement that I am still proud of till this day.
As you can see, I place great emphasis on the value of hard work. I believe that
the harder you work for something, the bigger your rewards will be. Therefore,
there is a need to nurture one’s industrious nature and arm oneself with the
right skills, attitudes and expertise in order to achieve the loftiest of goals.
That’s why apart from taking care of Uptrend2u’s international business
activities, I’m also involved in personal development training, especially Brain
Development programmes, in order to enable Uptrend2u members to unlock their
hidden potential.

My hope is that, through consistent hard work and focussed leadership, I, as
part of the Management of Uptrend Network, will be able to inspire the Company
and its members to achieve results far beyond our expectations.
Peter Wong - Senior Vice-President [Operations & Administration]
After over 25 years of being involved in the corporate management and
administration of companies, I’ve come to learn a few important things. One, is
that without the right attitude, even the most talented of employees is
ineffective. Attitude and work ethics cannot be taught, or bought, but it can be
sought through careful conditioning and training.
Two, is to always believe in what you are fighting for, and to trust the people
you are fighting alongside with. This belief is what will motivate you towards
achieving results you never thought possible and, at the same time, create a
mutually beneficial environment in which everyone can enjoy a sustainable level
of success.
And finally, is that there is no element more important to a company’s success
than teamwork. As Senior Vice-President of Operations and Administration, my
responsibility is to motivate my team towards achieving, and exceeding, their
personal and group targets. But performance is not the only thing I want my
people to achieve. Through the Company’s philosophy of "Share and
Share Alike"
, I take the role of mentor and teacher, imparting my
personal experiences and knowledge to my team in order to encourage
self-transformation and the development of personal values. Because I believe
there is something new to learn every day, and that true success is knowing you
have contributed to a cause that is bigger than yourself.

Ahmad Daud M.D. (A.M) - Vice-President [Sales & Marketing]
From the day I set foot in the Network Marketing industry, I live by the belief
that you can only fulfil your dreams if you have the courage to pursue it. Being
courageous means always doing your best, even if you think failure is
inevitable. It was this belief that made my time in the MLM business so
meaningful, inspiring me to look beyond my fears and see the opportunities
behind them.
I never imagined that I would be able to build up an MLM business from scratch,
but I tried, and succeeded. I never thought that I would ever be able to manage
one of Malaysia’s 10 biggest Network Marketing companies, and yet, I did. It was
not that I was smarter, brighter or more talented than everyone else, but
because I somehow dared to do what others thought impossible, and came out a
better person.
Today I am the Vice-President [Sales & Marketing] of Uptrend Network Sdn. Bhd.,
and hold both a degree and a PhD in Alternative Medicine. I’ve achieved success
far beyond my wildest dreams, yet I know there’s still so much for me to do.
Today I draw my courage from my colleagues at Uptrend Network, from its many
members who strive, day in, day out, for the betterment of our quality of life
and from knowing the fact that with courage, there is nothing that can’t be

Junne Tan - Corporate Affairs Manager
Like Mr. Gump said, life is indeed a box of chocolates, you really never know
what you’re going to get. I’m a living example of this adage; a city girl from
Penang who applied to study in, of all things, Agriculture, at Universiti
Pertanian, shocking my parents into thinking I wanted to become a farmer. Which
I didn’t, because I moved into an agricultural-based financial institution
instead after graduation, then on to 21 years in Malaysia’s best bank, learning
some integral lessons along the way; the importance of loyalty, efficiency and
doing things right, the power of procedures and systems, the ability to identify
and understand core issues.
Then, tired of the daily 9-to-5 grind, I resigned from my cosy office and fat
salary, and ventured into real estate, where the hours were only as long as I
wanted them to be, and the competition lean, mean and hungry. My passion for the
business drove me to become more streetwise and focused, and I learned to thrive
in this dog-eat-dog industry.
Until I met up with my childhood friend Susie, who brought me in the Uptrend2u™
fold, first as a stand-in, and now as Corporate Manager. Things have finally
come full circle; I’m back at a 9-to-5 job, but one that’s filled with
excitement and energy. I work with people who don’t just know what they’re
doing, but love what they do, and with a management team that inspires me to do
better every day, in an environment that allows me to use my vast experience and
expertise to the fullest for the benefit of all. And in the end, that’s what you
get out of life; more than you could ever dream of.
Mardiana Mohd. Yusop - Administration Manager
As one of Uptrend Network’s longest-serving staff, the Company and its people
are like a second home to me. I’ve grown with the business since its early days
in Bangsar, and I would like to think that I have never wavered in my commitment
to the Management, to my colleagues, and to the Company’s noble objectives in my
role as Administrative Manager.

At work, and in all aspects of my life, I adhere strictly to a single principle;
"Give the Best, to Get the Best." I see myself as a
mentor to my subordinates; I encourage them to constantly pursue knowledge and
to never give up, even in the most difficult of circumstances. I believe in
leading by example, and therefore make it a point to both attend and assist in
all Uptrend2u™ functions. By doing so, I am able to enhance my administrative
skills and inspire those around me to renew their commitment to the Company.
With the advent of information technology, and because of Uptrend’s unique
e-commerce-based business concept, previously time-consuming administrative
processes such as database management, sales analysis, stock checking and
logistics are now a breeze. Reducing the time spent on menial tasks allows me to
contribute even more significantly to the Company; whenever anyone runs into
problems with their tasks, I am always here to help them out. Because I know
that when we are there for each other, there’s nothing we can’t achieve.
Cass Wong - MIS Manager
I’ve been in the MLM industry for over 10 years, and yet its power never ceases
to amaze me. Before I joined Uptrend Network Sdn. Bhd., I had stints in three
other MLM companies, and seeing the success that a good marketing concept could
bring, my passion for the business grew with each passing year.
When I was introduced to Uptrend’s business plan, I knew this company was the
one for me. Their e-commerce based model truly excited me, and I joined the
company without hesitation. As MIS Manager, I handle the entire electronic data
processing unit, keeping track of the progress of our current members, which
today number over 100,000 individuals.

Because I had to build the system from scratch, it was never easy for the first
few years, but looking at where we are now, I know it was worth it. It gives me
a great sense of pride and achievement every time I step into my office, switch
on my computer and see the number of new Uptrend2u™ members that sign up every
day. And knowing that I have contributed my skills to a company that strives for
the betterment of people everywhere.
Elaine Kum - Business Development Manager

I graduated from the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, U.K.
in December 1996 under the Business Management stream and started my career in a
leasing company as Loan Supervision Executive and later in another financial
institution as Credit Marketing Executive in 1997 until 1999.
In 1999, I joined a data self.printing service company as Sales and Marketing
Executive and was promoted to Account Manager responsible in two folds,
including business development and project management.
My career as a business development and project manager in the financial
industry and later in a service industry has groomed and nurtured me, and I
always believed that I can put this experience to good use.
In 2006, I was introduced to Uptrend2u™, a top-notch E Commerce networking
company and was instantly impressed with the E Commence concept dubbed as the
fourth wave in the business world. That’s when I decided to make the big leap
into another industry.

In Uptrend2u™, people is our core business and one of my roles is to
continuously seek and source the best possible support tools and means for our E
Commerce  Business Partners.
My personal philosophy in work and in life is that one has to have perseverance,
consistency and enthusiasm in one’s attitude and there is no substitute for hard

Mr. Mohd
Khairulanis - Marketing Manager
I have been involved in the MLM industry since 1990. I began my career as a
Graphic Artist and was subsequently promoted to MIS Head & Customer Service.

Throughout my working career, I have managed several MLM branches, stockists,
products, events management, ISO standards, development of new products and
implementing marketing plans. I have also assisted in establishing an MLM
Company from scratch.
My experiences as a professional MLM Trainer also include presenting over 3000
training sessions throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei.
I was also a full time MLM Networker and Consultant for 2 years.
I came on board Uptrend2u™ with one aim – to steer The Company to the next level
of success, with the invaluable help of The Company’s management team, dynamic
network leaders and highly motivated staff.

Ms. Mindy
Wong - Special Projects Manager

Being the youngest of seven siblings does not have its privileges, as many
presume. With a strict upbringing with no frills or career guidance, I stepped
into the career world after completing 18 months of Private Secretarial Course
recommended by my schoolmate.
My first job landed me at Ogilvy & Mather, one of Malaysia’s leading advertising
agency then.  I was very amazed with the advertising world and was also exposed
to publishing and advertising sales. Needing to move up the corporate ladder, I
opted for night classes taking up LCCI Higher Diploma in Marketing and Chartered
Institute of Marketing.
Life took a turn during the financial crisis in 1998 when I was jobless after
being VSS.  God was kind and I was introduced to Montfort Boys Town as a
Fundraiser.  With God’s support and after 54 months as a Fundraiser, more than
RM12 million was successfully raised.  I was very grateful for the opportunity
to work with the less fortunate and felt that I have accomplished one of God’s
many missions. “We make a living by what we get but we make a life
by what we give” –Winston Churchill

My employment in Uptrend2u™ has opened up another world for me in the Direct
Selling trade. Getting involved with product development and handling healthcare
products has added another feather to my cap. 
I enjoy working in a conducive environment and love challenges.  It helps to
bring out the best in us, stay disciplined and also delivering the extra mile….

Mr. Charles
Lim - Logistic / Stockist Manager
After achieving personal goals in 20 years in the banking and Insurance/ Retail
Financial services, I feel that that are so many other new avenues to explore. I
am a keen person by nature, and strive to look into and explore new areas,
simultaneously meeting new challenges. That was when I made a decision to
venture into the MLM industry.

I started 4 years ago in one of the top Bumiputra MLM Companies and it has
opened a new horizon for me, in terms of embracing new concepts, ideas and
challenges.I became a part of the Uptrend2u™ family in July 2006, a decision I
know that would change my life.And it did.
The energy levels and commitment of Uptrend’s staff is amazing; they inspire me
to perform better every day, and I want to give back as much as possible.
At Logistics in Uptrend2u™, delivery is a big challenge and is always given top
priority to ensure that members’ orders are delivered in the shortest possible
period. And with the emerging new overseas market, this has opened up new
challenges for me.   
My philosophy at work is one has to be enthusiastic about challenges to be
successful and always look at them from different perspectives.
“People always grumble that roses have thorns, I am thankful that thorns have
Uptrend2u™ is a Company which is strengthened not only by its staff and members,
but pivotally, a management team which possess the vision and ambition to
literally, make dreams a reality.

Choo Teck
Choon – Financial Controller
I have more than 20 years working experience in the field of general accounting
gained from manufacturing, auditing and multinational companies. As a Chartered
Accountant of Malaysian Institute of Accountants and a member of CPA Australia,
both bodies provides constant updates on changes of accounting standards to be
in par with International Accounting Standards based on the changing business
We need to upgrade ourselves constantly in order to be relevant to the changing
market demand. In Uptrend2u™ business, people are the driving force, not only to
promote products but also to share business concept. The business concept here
would refer to the sharing of experience and wealth with others.To forge
forward, teamwork within an organization, work spirit as a family with all
members, organizations and suppliers are essential to achieve a satisfaction
result enjoyed by all.
Providing guidance to the subordinate is a must to ensure their knowledge and
work experience are relevant to our industry locally and internationally.
Motivate them to excel in whatever field they plan to do will enhance their
career path and knowledge. Ability & willingness to learn new things whenever
there is an opportunity will prepare one to be able to cope with any new
challenges due to the constant global changes & demand. Maintaining growth and
to stay competitive, investment in latest information technology, e-commerce and
human capital is necessary.

UptrendOnline is The Business of Success

: The Business of Success
Ever thought of
owning your very own international business? Earning an income even while you
sleep? Or sharing a profitable venture with your friends and family from
anywhere in the world?
UptrendOnline can help you
do just that, and so much more! Combining the pervasive influence of the
Internet with the exponential power of Network Marketing, the UptrendOnline
Marketing System is one of the most effective e-commerce marketing systems
available today, and offers our members the best chance of earning big,
realistic and residual incomes.

This breakthrough
business concept has helped transform the lives of individuals from all walks of
life regardless of background, culture, age, educational level or beliefs. And
when you join us at UptrendOnline, we will show you how to build an effective,
income-generating e-commerce business that will bring you unlimited potential
for personal growth.

But this opportunity is
not just for you. Our philosophy of "Share and Share Alike" means that we also
empower you to share this incredible concept with your friends and family, thus
providing them a unique opportunity to improve their lifestyles and achieve
their dreams. Thus UptrendOnline functions not just as an e-commerce business, but
also as a powerful platform for building, enhancing and maintaining positive
relationships with your loved ones.

So to take your first
step towards building a profitable e-commerce business, and a better world, come
join us at UptrendOnline today!


Envied by others for its forward-thinking and innovative business plans.


Patience is a virtue – the golden element towards establishing a thriving
business empire.



Integrity – we deliver exactly what was promised.


A straightforward yet formidable marketing plan utilising the replication


Is an effective, results-oriented Company fuelled by its entrepreneurs' desire
to excel.



Amiable Company where networking with similarly-driven individuals is deemed


Assists and guides to nurture its entrepreneurs who all possess the same
ambition - to succeed!

: TWO / TO

A play on words - 2 signifies partnership & trust.


Uptrend2u™ is united, heart and soul, with all our partners; working towards one
common goal.

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